Body in Stages: liquid/solid (PART ONE)
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Body in Stages: liquid/solid (PART ONE)

Tokyo Arts and Space, Japan


Yala Juchmann’s artistic approach treats the space between perception and their physical requirements. She learns through Somatic Methods about anatomical structures and incorporates this knowledge into the material transformations of her art. In Japan, Yala Juchmann’s field of research moves between Butoh classes and the public space. She observes movements to gain new perspectives of the human body. With Body in Stages: liquid/solid she explores Tatsumi Hijikata’s method of Butoh-fu (notational system of Butoh) and interlinks it with her visual practice. Hijikata used words and images for the creation of dance movements where each movement consists of several layers. Yala Juchmann develops an installation that creates an imaginary space by superimposing her observations of body, space, and movement.